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Colibriwp-Child Theme Issue

For those of you using the Colibriwp Plug (Page Builder) be aware of an issue in using a child theme. Adding and activating a child theme with an existing page or more, that you have built with the parent theme will get reset, and the page layout and content will produce unexpected results.

There may be this type of skewness in the content layout when changing over to a new parent theme. However, this behavior in applying a child theme is unexpected and is a design flaw or code bug.

Fortunately, when you reactivate the parent theme the content and layout for the pages return to their original state.

Colibriwp Tech Support is aware of the issue and has determined that the issue is incompatible with how their theme interacts with a child theme. There is no indication as to whether this issue will be addressed in future updates.

In summary, the choices in using a child theme with Colibri’s WordPress Page Builder are not to use a child theme at all, and in many cases, it probably isn’t needed. However, for those who follow WordPress best practices, may want to use a child theme. The currently known workaround to the issue is to rebuild your pages under the scope of the child theme. Its recommended that you first backup your content and images, because they may disappear once the child theme is activated.

I would highly recommend that creating a child theme after a clean install of the Colibri Page Builder and activating it before building any pages/posts is the best workaround.


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